To launch Levi's new collection of distressed denim, the team at BBH used Google Earth to tell the story behind every rip, fray and scuff. I was to turn jeans into continents, embedded with hundreds of stories, which you navigated like a real map, each with an illustration. I created handwritten typography which was used across the campaign as well as the lock up for the campaign lockup "Levi's Roadwear".

FWA selected the campaign in their list of "pioneering list of inspirational plugin-free websites that have changed FWA and the interactive world in general".




Album art was created
for the semi-fictional band,
The Mermonkeys


Each experience the Mermonkeys had on their tour was captured with an icon
— crashing the car, fighting bears, bitten by dogs, stung by bees, losing all your demo tracks,
breaking up & getting back together again


​Advertising Agency: BBH, Singapore
Creative Director: Steve Elrick
Photographer: Ben Sullivan
Copywriter: Douglas Hamilton
Art Director: Adrian Chan
Designer: Tomaz Goh
Producer: D'or Tey
Production company: Minnow 11/RP Represents

Digital Copy: Douglas Hamilton
Illustrator: Kristal Melson
Producer: Amy Wong
Production company: Avant Works
Product Photography: Sam Tan
Videographer: Jeycob Carlson
Post-Production: Freeflow
Account Management: Frances Great, Neil Small, Joanna Yeo, Midori Watanabe
Planning / Engagement Planning: Ayesha Walawalkar