When women do better, economies do better.

That’s why Facebook is celebrating women who have built and run businesses,
and delivering resources to help those who might one day do so themselves. Because the next successful entrepreneur could be anyone.

The brief  was that Facebook had intentions of creating a series of workshops and training to aid women who ran their own businesses. These were mostly targeted at small businesses in encourage and inspire.

My role was to create a campaign around this –  #Shemeansbusiness  & our team The Guild was responsible for overall execution of the campaign.  This included setting a best inclass example of our ad products, a microsite, social campaign, video content, swag for the events, and the events themselves.

Visit SheMeansBusiness.fb.com

This humble campaign that started in APAC has now been adapted globally by NA, EMEA and LATAM.


Amplification: Digital marketing campaigns on and off FB to build awareness, garner community support, and drive engagement. 

15s cuts of a quote from a featured featured story were run as ads on facebook and instagram, and still images as low badwidth options


Concept by  The Guild, Facebook APAC
Creative Director: Kristal Melson
Photographer:Alvelyn Alko, Kristal Melson
Copywriter: Kristal Melson, JJ Gray
Art Director: Kristal Melson, Eunice Ng
Producer: Melissa Wong, Justin Yeo
Developer: Bagus T Kuncoro, Justin Yeo
Digital: Yuta Kikuchi, Amit Kaushik

Atypical Films
Director: Desmond Tan,  Samantha Scott-Blackhall (KR)
Producer: Zhiyun Yee, Terri Goh
Director of Photography and all awesome: Lawrence Toh